G3 problems

Thomas J. Stelick tjs11 at cornell.edu
Tue Aug 18 02:54:36 EST 1998

	We recently got in the 96 lane upgrade and we are having a problem
with the G3.  We contacted ABI about the problem but they said they have
not heard of it anyone else having the problem.  Every morning when I come
in the computer is locked up.  The screen shows around 7 AM.  I doesn't
matter whether we run a 2x or 4x run it.  When I talked to ABI they said it
sounds like a computer problem and I should run norton.  I did and it still
locks up.  It doesn't interfere with the run since the run stops about 3
AM.  Anyone seen this before?  Any help would be appreciated.

Tom Stelick

BioResource Center
Cornell University
tjs11 at cornell.edu

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