G3 runs OS 8.1

Stephen R. Lasky srlasky at u.washington.edu
Tue Aug 18 17:25:55 EST 1998

We have a 4 377's with the new software on them. Different tyypes of Macs
are running them (G3's on the new machines and 7100's on the old ones).  All
the computers on the older 377's had been updated to OS8.1.  The new G3
machines we got from ABI came with OS8.0.  The OS8.0 machines ran, the OS8.1
machines didn't.

ABI Tech support told me that  the new file system format present in 8.1 is
incompatible with their software (I thought we were not running the HFS+
disk software, but I guess the program thought we were).

Bottom line is that we switched back to OS 8.0 and the machines and software
ran well.

Hope that helps


yanling wang wrote in message <6r26ah$bn5 at net.bio.net>...
>Anyone has good luck with ABI Sequencing Analysis 2.1.1 on newer G3 that
>runs system 8.1? HELP!
>The message I got when I was trying to generate new sample files is:  TD
>open: mobility file error, sample file imput error, file not found.
>Called ABI, they haven't tested system 8.1 yet.
>Any suggestions?
>Thanks in advance.
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>University of Oregon
>Eugene, OR 97405
>tel: 541-346-0700
>fax: 541-346-5891

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