big dye dilution

Harold G. Hills hhills at
Thu Feb 26 12:50:51 EST 1998

Apparently I was not very clear in my first bigdye dilution message.

The bigdye dilution buffer is meant to be used at 2.5X.  PE-ABD supplies it
at 5X.  Dilute the 5X with water to 2.5X.

Then replace the BigDye premix with the buffer.

4 ul BD with 4 ul of 2.5X buffer
2 ul BD with 6 ul of 2.5X
1 ul BD with 7 ul of 2.5X

I did 1 ul of BD with 7 ul of 5X buffer and also 1 ul of BD with 7 ul of
2.5X buffer.  The 1 ul with 2.5X buffer is clearly better than the 1 ul
with 5X buffer.

Ones needs to cut back on template and primer to achieve the best results.

I got very good results with 1 ul BD and 7 ul of 2.5X buffer when I used
0.25 ug DNA and 3.2 pm of primer.  We have traditionally used extra primer
because we get such a variation of actual primer when clients send it at

I hope this clarifys my earlier message.

Bruce Roe's group at Okalahoma has gone much further with the dilution.


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