MJ Thermalcycler alternatives???

guilly01 at mchip00.med.nyu.edu guilly01 at mchip00.med.nyu.edu
Thu Jan 15 09:35:46 EST 1998

Eric - 

The lab I am in has recently purchased a PE 9700 and have had good and
reliable results both with regular PCR ane in the generation of
sequencing samples for a 310 Genetic Analyzer.  But I must worn you that
they had replace our original unit 3 times (at no cost and with a loaner
to hold us over until they could get us a new unit) until we got one
that worked.  I believe that this was because the unit was new on the
market.  In light of this experience, I will recommend that we buy
another one this year - they may be expensive - but I have always found
PE products to be reliable and well supported by the comapny - 


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