HELP - ABI 310 low current/no signal problems

Robert Rumpf rrumpf at
Wed Jun 3 14:53:00 EST 1998

Okay, I'm a newbie to running the 310.  First run appeared okay, 
although the signal didn't start appearing until more than an hour 
into the run (so I only got about 300 bases of the control sequence). 
 All parameters were within the normal specs, except current flow - 
it was a steady 2 microamps the whole time.  Isn't this a bit low?  
What might cause this?

Also:  Took the same reaction that gave me the good signal in the 
first run and repeated the run (same sample tube; I didn't aliquot 
the reaction prior to this).  On this run I got no signal whatsoever. 
 Is it possible I depleted the sample of, well, sample? :) 

Any advice/comments are appreciated...

For reference, here's what I'm using:

Buffer w/EDTA
250 ul syringe
Sequencing Capillary
dRhodamine sequencing kit
POP6 Seq (250ul) E module

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