AmershamET vs. ABI Big Dye

Rebecca Taylor retaylor at
Sat Nov 21 09:00:17 EST 1998

    We are starting another standing order for our sequencing reagents
and we are looking at both the Amersham ET terminator kits with
Thermosequenase II and ABI's Big Dye
Terminators.  We have been running Big Dyes for about a year and are
generally happy with them.  We tried the Amersham kit and had some
problems with compression, namely G's after T's.
    I was curious if anyone has had the same experience with the
Amersham kit and would appreciate any feedback on the performance of the
kit on the whole.  I would especially like to know whether labs are
switching to Amersham ET terminators from ABI Big Dye terminators and
any comments on why or why not.

Rebecca Taylor
UC San Francisco

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