Odd Gels

George F. Mayhew mayhew at genetics.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 30 16:56:46 EST 1998


Has anyone seen gels where the samples start off looking like they all
failed priming, then they suddenly "appear" and grow in strength?  My
first thought is that we lost the small fragments from the sequencing
reaction in the clean-up process.  However, the other half of the
reaction plate looks fine (we do 96-well plates loaded across two
48-well machines).  This seems like it might be localized to a couple of
plate sets, but it's hard to tell.

We've just begun using RapidRanger and LongRanger 1X premixes, but this
might be a coincidence, since this problem has only affected three gels
out of a hundred so far.

Instead of dirtying up the bandwidth, I've included a link to a page
showing the gel snapshots.


Any thoughts would be helpful.


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