Gel extrusion

Harold G. Hills hhills at
Tue Sep 1 16:29:55 EST 1998


Well, after reviewing all the solutions to gel extrusion a year ago, my
conclusion was there was not a definitive solution to the problem.
Checking the ABRF archives gives little information.  The ABI-PE web pages
does not give much information.

OK, lets hear all the solutions for gel extrusion again.  We are having a
major problem and we have not changed anything from what we were doing a
year ago except that we are using a set of plates more often.  We have 3
instruments and 12 sets of plates in use.   We operate around the clock so
a given set of plates may be used once or twice a day.  The problem is not
associated with the age of plates.  We still have plates that have been in
use since 95 and they do not seem to be more prone to extrude than other

We have a dishwasher that we had not used that is being repaired because
there had been a leak.  So until the plumbers and electricians are finished
we can't use it.


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