Gel extrusion fixed for now

Harold G. Hills hhills at
Thu Sep 3 17:10:21 EST 1998

To all:

The dishwasher seems to have fixed the problem for the present.  Not 100 %
sure and need to try a couple more things.   It was likely caused by a
silicone spray which had been used to prevent leaking of the combs.  You
know the problem of leaky gel combs.  In the hand washing process the
silicone of course got smeared all over the plates.  Does help the leaking
problem but does cause disasters if not removed.

We scrub the plates with alconox, rinse with hot water and then run them
through the dishwasher with a deionzed water final rinse.  The plates then
are heat dried for 30 minutes.

The leaky combs and thick spacers, well that's another problem.  We are
going to try another source for the spacers and combs.  You know where we
have been getting them.


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