Gel Rescuer

Marc Woodland m.p.woodland at
Wed Sep 9 19:09:25 EST 1998

Dear  All,

I  have  recently  had  reason  to  use  Gel  Rescuer  on  two  occasions (
never  mind  why  - ABI    and   I  are  still  play ing  tennis on  this
one !) .  However  has  anyone  noticed  a  degradation   in  data  quality
wehen  using  this  programme?   On  both  occasions   I  have  found  that
the  percentage  N  has  increased  significantly  in  all  samples -
normally  around  0.5-1%  of  700-750  bases  for  the  pGEM  control.  It
is   now  at  least  4-5%  !!

Mind  you  without Gel  Rescuer  the  %  N  would  be  very  low  indeed.



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