Gel Creeping

anne spurkland anne.spurkland at labmed.uio.no
Thu Aug 12 10:39:30 EST 1999

Dear fellow sequencers,

I know that the question of creeping gels has been asked numerous times
before, but I haven't heard of an agreed remedy for the problem;  it's
now seriously affecting our work, and nobody seems to be able to help

I would be most grateful for any tips, experiences or other knowledge
about this.

>>>Please don't reply to the newsgroup, but e-mail me directly at
<Andrew.Louka at embnet.uio.no>.  If there is suitable knowledge, I will
post a summary.

For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon:
We are using an ABI 377XL sequencer.
We are currently using 36 cm plates that are washed with hot tap water
only, and then rinsed with distilled, de-ionised water before being
allowed to air dry.  We've stopped using Alconex detergent, and rinsing
with ethanol before drying. After a couple of hours running (time
includes pre-run time), the gel starts to creep out from between the
plates, severely distorting the gel /gel image.  This phenomenon is
currently being seen with both Long Ranger(R) and polyacrylamide gels.
We have tried using fresh reagents, including the enzymes, but to no
avail.  One of the users in the lab suggests that the gels are
overheating... any thoughts?

In advance, thank you.


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