House keeping

David Cain Dxcain at comdisco.com
Thu Aug 19 12:34:55 EST 1999

Hi Sequencers, 

Just a quick note to remind a few people of a few posting rules.

1 All postings must have subject headings, this is the main cause of failures as the automailer that I pass the moderated articles on to needs one.

2 The group is moderated to remove rubbish and junk postings, there would be 5 each day otherwise

3 When you post a question please take the time to compile a summary of repiles and post it back to the group, its good to share

4 Test messages are not forwarded to the group and are often not aknowledged (unless I am in a good mood)

5 The group is for all platforms of sequencers regardless of if you love or hate them.

If there are any questions please direct them at me.

Yours Sequencingly, 

David Cain
Administrator Biosci.genome.autoseq

New Business development manager
Comdisco Lab and Scientific group
1000 Great West Road
0181 400 8265
07901 515094


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