Questions About Human Genome Project

Kurt DeArellano kurt at genome.wi.mit.edu
Wed Aug 25 11:56:28 EST 1999

 Well, to answer your questions :
 #1: The reason that the Human Genome reference with not completely match
anyone's personal genome is that everyone has slight differences in their
genome compared to everyone else.. that is why I do not look like you, I
am better at math while you are better at english, why you are susceptible
to different types of cancers than I am, etc.

 #2: The point of the human genome project is to get a reference copy of
the human genome. The project is assuming that everyone on this earth's
DNA blueprint is about 99.99% homologous to everyone else. Once the
blueprint is made, then scientists from around the world can then search
for those finite differences between individuals. You are right that it is
statistically mistaken, but in order to take a sample of a million peoples
genome's with today's technology, it would take a much more concentrated
effort by the entire human race. We are taking baby steps here, not steps
of giants.

I hope this helps,
Kurt DeArellano
Data Analyst
Whitehead Institute

ORTIZ54A at AOL.COM wrote:

> an anyone give an explanation of:
> 1)Why the so-called "Human Genome Reference" will not represent an
> exact match for anyone person.(See the reference text at the end of
> this message)
> 2)Why sample DNA of 10 to 20 people only will be used. Isn't it
> statistically mistaken to sample a human population of billions of
> people with only 10 or 20 samples?

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