MicroAmp plates

Derek Harkins derek_harkins at ncsu.edu
Tue Dec 14 05:28:14 EST 1999

I posted this note to the ABRF, so for those of you that saw this on the
ABRF, please forgive the redundancy.

Hello all
        I'm trying to get a 3700 online, and I am currently looking for
alternative to the MicroAmp Optical plates that fit into the sample
carriers that are loaded into the instrument.   I am of course concerned
about tolerances so I can avoid problems with the probe tips. Also, the
collars the ABI plates have are useful for sample purification using the
Millipore system because they hold the 96-well membrane plates in place
and in alignment.  In typical ABI style, they are outrageously priced at
$5.50 A PIECE!  Has anyone been able to find a reasonably priced
alternative for these plates? 


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