PE 3700 Recommendations?

Bernd Weisshaar weisshaa at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de
Sun Jul 18 16:23:36 EST 1999

Dear Bob,

we use water to replace the formamid and it works much better.

Other question: which 3700-specific modification do you refer to for 
the "G50 Millipore method"?

Best regards, Bernd

>Dear Sequencers (and Genotypers),
>A while back I asked for recommendations on the best way to purify 
>BDT sequencing reactions for the PE 3700.  Following are the 
>recommendations I received:
>For 96 well plates
>Modified G50 Millipore method
>For 384 well plates
>Array-It from Telechem
>Now I have one more question for more experienced PE 3700 users. 
>How do you purify your formamide?  There are two protocols from 
>PE-ABI for purifying formamide, one using a mixed bed column method 
>and one by the standard stirring/filtration with mixed bed resin. 
>From our results with the 3700 it looks like the purity of the 
>formamide is critical for good results.  We can get over 650 base 
>pairs of good sequence with the first run using HD Formamide from PE 
>but later runs (reinjecting the same samples) show significant 
>degradation in the length and quality of the sequences.  Any tips 
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Best Regards,
>Robert B. Chadwick
>Director, Genotyping/Sequencing Unit
>Division of Human Cancer Genetics
>Ohio State University
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>FAX      (614) 688-4761
>e-mail   chadwick-1 at medctr.osu.edu
>web address  http://gsu.med.ohio-state.edu/index.htm


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