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Wed Jul 21 03:52:16 EST 1999

I once got 6 on an Intel PC boot disk:
  win3/win95/winnt, solaris, linux and os2 warp
It was a royal pain to build such a system, cause the
different os's have quirks about how they work on 
a multi boot system.  Then when one fails or needs reinstalling
you go thru heck again trying to handle it.

That aside, I don't have any idea about the genewarrior product,
or why it might be good/bad on a multi-boot Intel system. 
Booting from removable disks on Intels wasn't all that simple a 
few years back when I tried this, but may be a prefered way
to multi-oses now.  If you have a stable multi-boot system on
one disk, it is probably quicker to shift among them than using
mutliple disks.   

- Don

In article <7n1phv$a44 at net.bio.net>,
Christina Spolsky  <spolsky at acnatsci.org> wrote:
>Has anybody tried BioInformatica's GeneWarrior computing system (dual or
>triple-booting Linux/WindowsNT/OS/2 Warp)? Their Website is still under
>constraction after more than half a year, so I wonder whether
>BioInformatica is a viable company; perhaps it's just because they're too
>busy with "real science" to bother with getting their Website up and going.
>Anyways, I wonder what the advantage of their system is over just having
>removable hard drives with different operating systems to move use as

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