377 base spacing problem from Fraze Murry

Shirley Hall shall at hamon.swmed.edu
Mon Jun 14 18:46:27 EST 1999

Sometimes I see a basespacing of 9.0 on samples that have waek signals
for the first 10-30 bases.(usually due to a faulty spinblock well, I
think)  The software looks for a strong base #1 and if it doesn't find a
strong signal it will default to datapoint 300; although bases generally
don't come down on my runs until about 1000(also 48cm runs).  I see a
lot of N's(>50) followd by sequence peaks that increase in height.  I
usually open the file, exam the raw data and pick a point where I can
get a strong enough signal and re-analyze startng with that datapoint.

Shirley Hall
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dept. of Molecular Biology
shall at hamon.swmed.edu

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