Sequencing without PCR purification

Joakim Westberg jockew at
Sat Mar 20 20:21:56 EST 1999

Dear Joao!

If you use less than 10 pmole of each primer in your PCR, you can take 2 ul
of non-purified PCR-product to your sequencing reaction. We do that
routinely in our lab and it work fine. This is with BigDye-terminators. I
don't know how it works with BigDye-primers.

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Joakim Westberg
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Kungl. Tekniska Högskolan
Stockholm, Sweden

>I would like to know if someone has obtained good results with ABI
>BigDye sequencing without purifying PCR products (from excess
>primers and dNTPs)?
>Thank you, Joao
>Joao Alexandrino
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