New Guide to Sequence Analysis

Andrew Louka bb95asl at
Thu Mar 25 19:44:01 EST 1999

Hi all,

I've written an online guide to sequence analysis.  I have sent this message
to a select few newsgroups (where I know there are both experts and novices
in sequence analysis) to ask you all if you could do me a favour, and "beta
test" the guide.

The guide is aimed at bioscience graduates who have no experience of
bioinformatics,  but are conversant with the Internet.  The guide will be
used as a basic introuction to sequence analysis, on an MSc course, but
naturally, will also be available to the Internet community on the WWW.

I found a lack of comprehensive _introductory_  and interactive guides on the
Internet, although there are many, excellent guides for experienced users. 
Although most program server sites offer splendid help, where does a novice
without a mentor start to look?  I feel that there is a need for such a guide.

I would be most grateful if some of you could take the time to visit the
guide.  I'm keen to get as much feedback as possible, before I release the
guide "properly".  Most importantly, I want the pages to be correct, and easy
to follow/understand.  

I have tried to  bear in mind the accessibility guidelines of the WWW
consortium ( when designing the guide.  They are therefore
"lacking" in multimedia experiences, in favour of accessibility.  If any
readers are blind and read web pages by brail or aurally, if you use a
palm-top computer (e.g. a Newton or Palm III/V) or other "non-standard" form
of web browser, I would be particularly interested to hear from you.

Feel free to e-mail freehand comments to me, or copy/paste the suggested
feedback form below.

The guide can be found at:

NOTE: This is a temporary URL.  Please do not bookmark this site!

In advance, thank you all very much.

Andrew Louka

Best viewed with a monospace font (e.g. Courier):

Feedback Form
Please grade your experience from 1 to 5 (1=Excellent to 5=Terrible)

1   I visited the guide on: <INSERT DATE>

2   Your expertise in sequence analysis: <GRADE>

3   Overall Opinion: <GRADE>

3   Guide Accuracy: <GRADE>
3.1   If anything, what was inaccurate? <INSERT COMMENTS>

4   Guide Contents: <GRADE>
4.1   If anything, what should also be included/excluded? <INSERT COMMENTS>

5.  Ease of Use: <GRADE>

6.  What I liked best was... <INSERT COMMENTS PLEASE!>

7. What I liked least was... <INSERT COMMENTS PLEASE!>

Please e-mail this to bb95asl at

Thank you.

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