SV: Rebalancing Big Dye terminator kits

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at
Wed Nov 24 05:50:09 EST 1999

"Dag Ahrén" wrote:

> Dear Philip,
> the ratios between the different deoxys depend on the polymerase. Previously
> the taq preferentially used the deoxynucletides rather that the
> dideoxynucleotides. This problem is reduced by using Amplitaq FS. Now to
> your question, the ratios between the dideoxynucleotide and the
> deoxynucleotide is in the BigDye terminator kit as follows:
> ddA/dA= 0.004
> ddc/dC= 0.004
> ddG/dG=0.003
> ddT/dT=0.007
> Hope this is of any use to you
> Dag Ahrén
> Microbial Ecology, Lund University, Sweden
> [...]

Thanks Dag,
That is exactly what I needed.
Do you know if the ddG/dG ratio would be the same as the ddG/dI ratio since the
standard PE kit uses dI instead of dG?
Phillip San Miguel
Purdue Genomics Center

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