The 3700 autoloader should resuspend samples.

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at
Wed Nov 24 10:25:10 EST 1999

    Even in water I notice a decrease in sequence quality of sequencing
reactions stored on the sample deck of the 3700 over time. I don't think
the severity of the degradation is as severe as that occurring in
formamide. Still, it would be nice not to have any sample degradation.
(In addition, according to Stephen Lasky using the autoloader in fang
piercing mode is hard on the autoloader. This will be a consideration
even after this feature--which allows sealed sample plates to be pierced
by the autoloader just before use-- is released.)
    So instead of putting samples on the sample deck already resuspended
in an appropriate volume of water, why not have the autoloader resuspend
the dried samples just before use? If you've ever done the "fang test"
on your 3700 to test the autoloader tips for blockage, you have seen
that the tips can deliver water to the sample deck. It might require a
little tricky programming by PE-ABI to avoid bubbles but it shouldn't be
that bad. Of course it wouldn't be possible to denature the samples--but
does that really give better results? I haven't studied this
exhaustively, but I get good results without denaturing--at least in

Phillip San Miguel
Purdue Genomics Center

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