automating mac->UNIX ABI data

Bruce Roe BROE at aardvark.ucs.ou.edu
Mon Oct 18 04:44:36 EST 1999

Hi all,
	We had some difficulty with installing the Sanger programs
which facilitate this transfer so decided to write our own which
was not dependent on CAP.
	Thus we have written a program/script in Perl called ftp_chromats
that we use to move files from the ABI associated Macs (on 377s) and
Windows NT computers (on 3700) to our Sun computer cluster.  The windowsNT
version also works on the Molecular Dynamics MegaBACE and LICOR associate PCs.
The script is site specific for us but if you have someone who knows Perl (also 
need to deal with TCL/TK if using WindowsNT) it is available for free
on our ftp site:


there you will see:

Get the xxx.readme file and perl script xxx.prl appropriate for your system,
read the xxx.readme file and install the required programs, and make the
changes needed in the perl script necessary for your site.

We've given this out to one group who successfully followed the directions
and installed the WindowsNT version, and another that installed the Mac
version so all the info is there that you should need.  However, one needs
to have some knowledge of computer programming and Perl to make this work.

Give it a try and if your programmer has any questions, please direct them
to Jim White ( jdw at ou.edu ) as he's the programmer in my lab responsible
for the perl and TCL/TK code and compiling the WindowsNT version and I did
the Mac port ( broe at ou.edu ).

Enjoy and let me know if you've been successful and any suggested changes
needed to the xxx.readme files to make installation easier for others.

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