3700 plunger problem

Paul Shinn pshinn at mail2.sas.upenn.edu
Sun Oct 24 16:48:29 EST 1999

    We just received a new lot of 3700 POP-6 (lot 3700-016) that I 
attempted to use on our 2 3700s yesterday.  When the machines got 90 
minutes into the collection, they both stopped their runs giving an 
"FMSheath Pump Overload Error: Plunger Overload".  I installed the 
polymer as per ABI's instructions except I do not (and have not for the 
past 5 months) prime the inline filter with POP6 after flushing it with 
water.  I tried once and nearly popped every vein in my neck trying to 
squeeze POP6 through one of those filters.  Anyway, the runs failed and I 
tried the run again just in case it was a fluke.  No luck.  Same error.  
    I received a new shipment of polymer this morning and guess what? 
Same lot!  I changed bottles and filters (after priming with water) and
ran the Change Polymer wizard on both machines.  They both failed at the
same time because of the same error.
    I have my service engineer working on this problem and PE wants me to
try priming the filter with POP6.  It doesn't seem they want to conceed
that something could be wrong with this lot of POP6 and it's not something
I'm doing wrong.  (I just tried it.  One machine has a filter primed with
just water and the other with water then POP6.  Both Change Polymer runs 
failed at the same time).  My question is, is there something I'm doing 
wrong?  The engineer and I can't believe that a protocol I've been using 
for 5 months could suddenly go belly up.  Thanks.


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