Licor Sequencing

Christina Spolsky spolsky at
Thu Feb 24 11:23:24 EST 2000

When we tried the EXCEL II kit (but this was over 2 years ago!), we could not get very good sequence with it. Using the same templates at the same time with the Amersham Pharmacia sequencing kit for fluorescent labelling, cat. # RPN2438, we obtained good readable sequence. We have since been using the Amersham kit with excellent results: up to 1100 nt's read in each direction. If you are sure the problem is not your template cleanup, I recommend trying the Amersham kit.

Chris Spolsky

>>> Curtis Clevinger <clevincc at> 02/23/00 03:52PM >>>
I am currently trying to sequence PCR products using custom primers on a
Licor 4000 system.  I have been follwing Licor protocols and the
protocol found in the EXCEL II kit for licor sequencers.  I am not
obtaining good sequences (ie lots of background). Are there any
suggestions from other Licor users, especially from those of you who are
using sequences in plant phylogenetic work.

Thanks for your time

Curtis Clevinger

clevincc at 



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