better than eSeq for licor

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Wed Jul 26 08:52:50 EST 2000

In <8lmjoe$dic$1 at> felipe wettstein <felipe at> writes:

> to be more precise, i am looking for program that reads a picture of the
> gel (like tif or whatever), and one can assign lanes or the program
> finds them itselve, and produces trace files (i think it is called like
> this, i mean the coloured curves of the scf files).
> have a good week
> felipe

I believe the Sanger Centre have tools for doing this, although they wrote
them to work with ABI images. I've seen a similar program at the Whitehead
Institute too (which was also their own system). I'd try trawling through of
their web and ftp sites to see if you can find a list of the inhouse software
tools they developed.

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