Merging gel files?

David O'Connor doconnor at primate.wisc.edu--SPAMFREE
Thu Jun 8 22:56:27 EST 2000

Question for your collective minds:

Yesterday, our 377-96 terminated a 7 hour run after 3.5 hours for no
apparent reason.  The gel image was created and the sequence looked
beautiful...to about 300 bases.  Realizing that I needed about 50 more
bases to form my contigs, I started the machine again and got what
appeared to be sequence characteristic of hours 3.5-6.5 of a usual 1200
scan/hr run.  However, I couldn't get Seq. Anal. 3.4 to decipher the data
from the latter run in any meaningful way (runs of 20 thymadines, 15
adenosines, etc. were common).  Now, I think that if I can merge the two
gel files into one mega-file, the analysis program should be able to
process the data properly.  Does anyone know how I might be able to do

Due to the nature of the samples, simply redoing the reactions isn't possible.

Thanks in advance,


David O'Connor
dhoconno at students.wisc.edu
Dept. of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
University of Wisconsin

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