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Hi Sharon.
I use Sequencher for the Mac and is very good. I notice that they have also
produce a version for Windows, worth having a look at


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> Hello Everyone,
> I have a question about Alignment Software.  I am currently sequencing a
> BAC which I am told is about 340 kb.  I have it nebulized and subcloned
> into Bluescript.  I sequence on a LI COR 4200 and get 700-1100 bp per
> sample.  I have been using the LI COR AlignIR program  to assemble and
> have crashed the program.  I was told to put the contigs into a new
> project to save space, but at this point (85 kb) I have a few 5 kb
> contigs, but most samples haven't matched up yet, so this isn't
> feasible.  I have access to the McVector/AssemblyLIGN program (Mac
> version), but the company isn't able to tell me how many samples this
> program can work with or whether a project of this size is feasible.
> Is it feasible to assemble a project this large on a personal computer?
> Do you think the McVector/AssemblyLIGN program would work?  Do you think
> some of the other assembly packages out there would work (such as
> Sequencher?) If so, who is the vendor and what is the cost?
> Do I need to go to a Unix Platform?  I would have access to a UNIX
> system (Phap/Phred) for about $500.00 per year.
> Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in
> advance.
> Sharon Minnerath
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