TRANSCRIPTOME 2000 - Annoucement

Betina M.Porcel bporcel at
Mon Oct 9 09:56:45 EST 2000

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce you the Conference TRANSCRIPTOME 2000, at the 
Pasteur Institute, Paris, 6-9 November 2000.

A series of scientific meetings and coordination workshops have been 
organized over the past ten years to discuss the development of cDNA 
research in the context of the Human Genome Program, then extended by the 
IMAGE Consortium founders (Charles Auffray, Greg Lennon, Mihael 
Polymeropoulos and Bento Soares), with the active support of DOE (Marvin 
Stodolsky) and other private and public research institutions worldwide.

TRANSCRIPTOME 2000 is the scientific meeting of this series which will be 
held in Paris on November 6-9 in conjunction with the 5th International 
Coordination Workshop on Complete cDNA sequencing.

The meeting of this year comes at an important point in the Human Genome 
Program, when the working draft of the sequence will have been completed and 
made available to the scientific community.

The meeting will therefore be an excellent occasion to review all the work 
done in the field of cDNA research so far,  the consequences for genome 
annotation, the exploding development of functional and computational 
genomics and proteomics studies of human physiology and pathology, as well 
as the related social, legal and ethical issues.

The coordination workshop will be a forum for academic and industrial 
scientists to discuss the technical, scientific and intellectual property 
issues associated with the challenge of a comprehensive description of the 
human transcriptome.

The registration forms are available at :

Hoping to see you in Paris next November!!!

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