3700 in core facility

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Mon Oct 23 17:38:35 EST 2000

Hello all,
	I manage the DNA Sequencing facility at the University of Arizona
and we have recently incorporated a 3700 into our service.  I realize that
most of these machines are being utilized for large-scale sequencing
projects, however, I would like to discuss some problems that we have been
running into with those of you who have been brave enough to use this
gadget in your core lab.
	The biggest dilemma that we have run into is inconsistency in
template preps.  The old 377's could handle dirtier templates, yet, as you
know, the 3700 is extremely finicky.  We have individuals submitting both
PCR products and clones using almost every type of prep you can think of.
As a core facility, we can recommend prep techniques that we have seen good
results from, but we are still trying to compile a list.  The biggest
problem that we have seen with our users is getting results that die off
after a couple of hundred bp (most likely due to a high conc. of salts).
	Has anyone out there completed an analysis on the different
techniques to prep both PCR and plasmids?  I would also like to get a feel
for how many core labs out there are using 3700's and how they have tackled
some of the problems that are inherent with this kind of environment.  I
hope to here from some of you soon.  Thanks in advance.

-Brian Coullahan

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