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Fri Oct 27 08:09:07 EST 2000

Duncan-  I checked and the Gelrescuer is not available from the software
downloads at Biotechniques.
However in looking, I found this

ALIGNWINMAC.ZIP  &nbspSize: 36136 byte(s).

Molecular biology laboratories frequently face the challenge of aligning
small overlapping DNA sequences derived from a long DNA segment. Here, we
  a short program that can be used to adapt Excel=D2 spreadsheets as a tool
for aligning DNA sequences, regardless of their orientation. The program
runs on
  any Windows=D2 or Macintosh=D2 operating system computer with Excel 97 or
Excel 98. The program is available for use as an Excel file, which can be
  downloaded from the BioTechniques Web site. Upon execution, the program
opens a specially designed customized workbook and is capable of identifyin=
  overlapping regions between two sequence fragments and displaying the
sequence alignment. It also performs a number of specialized functions such
  recognition of restriction enzyme cutting sites and CpG island mapping
without costly specialized software.

It sounded like something I could give to Mac or PC users for simple
alignments. I downloaded it and unzipped it and all looked well- but when I
try to open it
I get the message:
"alignmac.xls cannot be accessed. the file may be readonly, or you may be
trying to access a read only location. Or, the server the document is
stored on may not be responding."

I have downloaded it onto my desktop and then unzipped it onto the desktop
or my hard  drive.  I get the same message either way.  I am working on a
G3 with OS 8.1.

Anyone have any ideas???

>In article <8t56fr$5d$1 at>, the eminent Scottie
>Adams at BIOSCI/MRC Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre wrote
>>        Published Date: 06/20/1997, BioComputing, BioTechniques 22:1162-1=
>Maybe it is actually on the Biotechniques web site, software section.
>The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get
>sliced from time to time....
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