Version 9.0 (991026)Consed bug?

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at
Mon Sep 4 17:49:27 EST 2000

    I have a hard time finding a specific read in a contig using
consed. This is because when one does an Info:Contig information, the
information table gives the *padded* offset position of the read. How
do I find that alignment in the "Aligned Reads" window. If I type the
offset position inf the Pos: box and hit return I am taken to the
non-padded position. This can be way off.
    I can go to the main window and choose Options:General Preferences
and click the "Count *'s" True button then apply. Then I see the
padded coordinate numbers in the Aligned Reads window--but typing in a
position in the Pos: field window still takes me to the non-padded
position. So I have to move screen by screen to find the right place.
Depending on the speed of my connection, this is sometimes non-trivial
to do.
    Is this a bug? Does anyone know if it is fixed in version 10 of

Phillip San Miguel
Purdue Genomics Core Facillity


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