DNA Seq. Study Open!

Leviten, Dina dleviten at ICOS.com
Tue Apr 10 18:27:07 EST 2001

Study Announcement:

We are re-opening of the "Never Ending Story" (NES) beginning today!! This
study will show the effect of different platforms and methods of sequencing
DNA by analyzing the quality of the resulting data using a standard template
(pGEM with M13 primer). 
This study has been reopened to include new data, which can be used as
quality control, trouble shooting and evaluation of new technologies. Past
and new information will be available via the NES database/web site
To participate in the study please click on "Submit" at:

The ABRF DNA Sequencing Research Group

Dina Leviten (chair)  	ICOS Corporation  
Lawrence Hall  	Albert Einstein College of Medicine  
John Hawes  	Indiana University School of Medicine  
Tim Hunter  	University of Vermont  
Emily Jackson-Machelski  	Washington University School of Medicine  
Kevin Knudtson  	University of Iowa  
Theodore Thannhauser (EB liaison)  	Cornell University  
Duane Bartley (ad hoc)  	Johns Hopkins University  
George Grills (ad hoc)  	Albert Einstein College of Medicine  
Margaret Robertson (ad hoc)  	Cimarron Software  
James VanEe (ad hoc) 	Cornell University 


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