hairpin region to sequence

Sequenceur_ALF1 jean-pierre.Alcaraz at
Fri Apr 20 08:54:16 EST 2001


I have some problem to sequence a centromeric region with a lot of GA
and CT stretch wich are forming a very strong hairpin structure(GA
stretch 200bp long).
I am working with a 373XL stretched ABI sequencer with Big Dye chemistry
( terminator or primers)
Does anybody know how to solve this problem ?


Jean-Pierre ALCARAZ
Ingenieur d'Etudes
Laboratoire de Genetique Moleculaire des Plantes
Universite J Fourier et CNRS
BP 53
38041 Grenoble Cedex 9
Tel : 0476514826
Fax (33)476514336
e-mail : jean-pierre.alcaraz at


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