scf viewer

James VanEe jiv2 at
Fri Apr 20 15:31:47 EST 2001

Wish I did.  Something simple and free that could be easily 
distributed to core facility customers (including commercial 
customers) would be great.  I guess there areJava viewers out there, 
but I had mixed/poor results.  If I had something that could make 
ABIF files (minus the missing data) from scf files, that would solve 
some of my more esoteric problems.  Good programming opportunity.

>does anybody know a "small" SCF files editor for MacOS...infact smaller tha=
>GeneTool or TraceViewer..
>thanks for your help
>Fabien Jovelin
>All=E9e Christophe Colomb
>91035 Evry - France
>Tel : 01-60-878-219
>Fax : 01-60-878-201
>E-mail : f.jovelin at
>Web :

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