Loading 48 lanes on a ABI377 machine

William C.Crockett crockett at exchange02.bnl.gov
Tue Apr 24 08:36:06 EST 2001

After hearing from many people, this is what we're doing.

We are getting the best results by running in the sample for 60 sec. in
0.1X TBE
on a porous membrane comb from The Gel Company.
We then remove the comb and then bring the upper buffer chamber up to

We heard from another person that reuses the combs.

"Another piece of information that you probably won't get from the
reps, but that may be of interest to you is that the porous combs are
reusable.  I reuse mine until the teeth get too damaged to  use anymore.

To do this you just need to rinse them off, soak them in ddH2O
and dry them between KimWipes with something slightly heavy on top so
they dry flat."

Thank you to all who replied,

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