position available

Chris Spolsky spolsky at acnatsci.org
Fri Apr 27 12:18:52 EST 2001

Research assistant needed to work on an  NSF-supported research project on
the molecular genetics of clonal salamanders. The project involves standard
molecular biology procedures such as constructing  cDNA and genomic
libraries, screening the libraries, and sequencing specific genes. 

At least a Bachelor's degree in biology; Master's degree preferred;
experience may be adequate substitute. Two years molecular laboratory
experience, preferably including experience in DNA sequencing and
preparation of cDNA and genomic libraries;  interest in
evolutionary/systematic biology;  familiarity with computers, including
experience with DNA analysis and graphics programs desired.  Good
organizational skills, attention to details, and ability to work
independently are essential.

Send resume and two letters of recommendation to: Dr. C. Spolsky
								Academy of Natural Sciences
								1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
								Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195

 					Or by e-mail to: 	spolsky at acnatsci.org

Deadline: 14 May 2001


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