Temp fluctuations on ABI377

Samantha Donninger st at cormack.uct.ac.za
Fri Dec 7 07:31:42 EST 2001

Hi all,

Has anyone ever seen temperature fluctuations on an ABI377?  The 
temperature read off our machine during runs/preruns has been 
fluctuating wildly recently, jumping from 51 to 13 to 52 to 45 and so 
on within the space of seconds, without having any apparent 
detrimental effect on runs.

I've contacted AB, but in the meanwhile, has anyone any idea of what 
might be causing the problem, and if its easily fixable?

-Samantha Donninger

MRC Human Genetics Research Unit
Division of Human Genetics
Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
University of Cape Town

email:  st at cormack.uct.ac.za
ph:  (+27 21) 406 6456
fax:  (+27 21) 488 0906


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