How do I seperate small oligonucleotides?

Mette og Michael isl34712 at
Wed Jan 17 06:11:54 EST 2001

Does anyone know how to obtain the best separation of small
oligonucleotides on acrylamide. I need to separate oligonucleotides in
the range of 20 to 40 mers. In the moment I am  running a 36 cm long 6%
arylamide gel (1:19 acryl:bisacrylamide) with 8 M Urea in 1XTBE
(ABI377, Applied Biosystems). Is there a more optimal
acryl:bisacrylamide ratio
for sep of small oligoes. Has anyone got any experience on that?

PhD student Mette Nyegaard
KKA, Odense University Hospital


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