ABI Prism 3100

Joseph W Cook Joseph.Cook at bms.com
Thu Jan 18 16:09:26 EST 2001

Hello Tony,

I believe the reason is that the instrument is performing well.  We have a 3100
and have not had any problems with it and we are extremely pleased the quality
of data we are getting.  I think you will be very pleased when you get yours.
Good Luck!

Joe Cook
DNA Sequencing
Bristol Myers Squibb

Tony Tarragona wrote:

> Being the 3100 a new platform, I am somehow surprised that nothing is being
> said in the newsgroup.  We will be getting one pretty soon and I am looking
> forward to it.
> The lack of news can only be two things either is running very smoothly or
> there are not many around. Hope is the former!
> If you have any experience on it, please let me know.
> Tony Tarragona
> Manager ABC
> ---


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