Applescripting ABI Prism 377XL Collection software

Malcolm Cook malcolm.cook at
Fri Jul 13 16:54:10 EST 2001


Regarding 'ABI Prism 377XL Collection' software version 2.6, I read with
interest in
the following:

"Applescript=AE support This application now supports an Apple event that l=
you import a text file. The information from the text file is used to fill
out a sample sheet and, optionally, a run sheet based on the imported sampl=

However, I've not been able to make it work (yet) and my requests for
support (GALAB at =3D The Genetic Analysis Technical
Support Group, Applied Biosystems) come up dry

Any one out there got it working?  Willing to share their snippet of
applescript with me?


Malcolm Cook
(858) 623-7654
DNA Science Laboratories


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