newsgroup update

David Cain David.Cain4 at
Mon Jul 23 10:21:38 EST 2001

Dear Sequencers,

When the newsgroup was started in 95 I conducted a small survey looking
at capacity, development and how the newsgroup could better support
people.  I was thinking this morning that a lot has changed in the last
6 years and it may be interesting to see what people currently feel in
the so called post genomics era.

I have put together a very short survey which I have attached to this
email.  I would be most grateful if you could take 5 minutes to complete
it and send it back to me either via email or fax (+44 20 7720 4798).  I
am particularly interested in ways that you feel the newsgroup could be
developed to better support your needs.

Thanks in advance.  Sequencingly, 

David Cain 

+44 7899 703146


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