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David Cain David.Cain4 at
Mon Jul 23 11:02:54 EST 2001

Dear Sequencers, 
I seem to be having problems being able to send the survey form out.  To
remedy this I am attempting to cut and paste it into this email.  Copies
are also available if you email me at:
david.cain4 at
Sorry for this hassle, and thanks in advance for your input.
David Cain

Genomics users survey 2001













Phone number:


Email address:


Please give a short description of the role you facility plays (e.g.
central resource for academic department)


How many people are employed in your facility?


What applications do you use and how often?


On average how many reactions of each type do you process per day?


What analysis systems do you use? (i.e. number of instruments, age and


What percentage of your maximum capacity do you operate at?


Do you anticipate needing to increase the capacity of your facility in
the next 12 months?


Average read length for each type of template?



Do you use reagent saving solutions? (if yes which ones)


Do you read the internet newsgroups on DNA sequencing? (if yes which


What improvements can you suggest for the newsgroups?


What bio-informatics software do you use on a regular basis?


Please rate the software you use on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the
lowest and 10 the highest?


What new software features would help you in your analysis?



What new features would you like to see developed for new automated


What role does automation play in your laboratory?


Do you anticipate that automation will play a more or less significant
role in the next 12 months? 


What meetings/conferences do you attend?


What are the main benefits from the meetings/conferences you attend?


What do you feel will be the next break through technology for DNA





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