3700 problem

Hall, L.S. lsh11 at leicester.ac.uk
Fri Dec 13 12:55:00 EST 2002

Dear all:
we are encountering a problem with our 3700 which is more than a little inconvenient (to say the least).
Since loading data collection version 2.0, the machine refuses to accept customised plate records, created either within data collection itself ( using the 'new' function ) or by importing a tpl file. In essence, the software keeps telling us that no data can be identified in A1 cell and consequently refuses to run the plate.
However, if the run is commenced by importing a generic plate record ( i.e. a tpl file created by AB and residing in the 'plate support files directory'), the machine appears happy and will continue to run; The plate record can then be customised with particulars of samples during data collection itself. If the plate record is modified during the pre run the run is aborted prior to collection on account of the same 'supposed' error as above.
I should qualify the above by saying that this problem is exclusively a sequencing module problem and does not affect Gene scan plates and we ordinarily run 96 well plates.
Comments ??!!

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