Genotyper and Windows 2000

Lynn Petukhova orvietl at mail.rockefeller.edu
Tue Jun 18 08:30:41 EST 2002


I run Genotyper v 3.7 on Win2000 and have only run into one issue.  The
first time I tried to open a genotyper file that was created on a Win98
system on my Win2000 computer, the software froze up.  The file was
transfered over the network to the Win2000 computer first.  When I
disconnected from the network, it opened fine.  At the recomendation of my
field app, I did a "save as" of the file and the problem was corrected.
Other than this, the software has been performing fine (over 4 months,
about 200,000 genotypes scored).

Windows XP, on the other hand, is in a class by itself.  Have not been able
to launch Genotyper on that system and would be interested to hear other
people's experience there.


>Does anyone know whether there are any issues with running Genotyper on
>a Windows 2000 PC? The Applied Biosystems site does not list Win2000 as
>a supported OS and in fact when I queried Applied Biosystems about this
>all they were saying was that
>"the current PC version of Genotyper software is only supported on a
>Windows NT operating system. The software may well work on Windows 2000
>however you should be aware that the software has not been tested on
>this operating system."
>Has anyone tried this?
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