Low voltage on LI-COR sequencer, why?

Yong Mie Lee AngelaYong at bst-asia.com
Wed Oct 15 03:16:25 EST 2003

Hi! everyone,

I finally solved the low voltage problem for the LI-COR 4200 DNA sequencer in our lab. First of all, I noticed that there are several recipe of TBE buffer available for acrylamide & agarose gel electrophoresis.

I use the recipe below: -
(i) For 20x TBE:
    Tris                      121g
    Boric acid             61.7g
    Na2EDTA.2H2O     7.44g
    Top up to 1 liter with dH2O and autoclave to complete dissolved the salt.
(Some precipitation would form after a period, but still can perform well)

Another recipe used that do not caused precipitation were: -
(ii) For 20x TBE:
    Tris                      216g
    Boric acid             110g
    0.5M EDTA (pH8)  80mL
    Top up to 1 liter

Please note that the chemical used in (ii) is almost double and the form of EDTA added is different. I'm also not sure why it caused a big different towards our sequencer used. Somehow deionised water would not bring such a big different on voltage detected. For recipe (i) can bring up and maintain the maximum voltage (1500V for short gel and 3000V to long gel) on LI-COR DNA sequencer.

I love to share this with you. Hopefully some of you could discuss further.

Best Regards,
Angela Yong Mie Lee

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