[Automated-sequencing] Re: Genotyper and Windows 2000

Phillip San Miguel via autoseq%40net.bio.net (by pmiguel from purdue.edu)
Thu Oct 29 06:28:59 EST 2009

Miguel Angel González wrote:
> Dear Lynn Petukhova,
> I have just see your question about Genotyper software and Windows XP in a
> web forum. Could you say me how could you run Genotyper in Windows Xp
> system, please?
> Thank in advance,
> Miguel Angel

Hi Miguel,
I don't know whether Lynn Petukhova still follows this forum after her 
2002 response to a post "Genotyper and Windows 2000". If no one here has 
run Genotyper under XP, maybe someone on the ABRF forum will have.

Some things you might try: if you run on Vista, you can right-click and 
run an application as if it were running on an earlier version of the 
operating system. I doubt that will work, but might be worth a shot. 
Another possibility is to install a virtual machine running an earlier 
version of windows on your current machine. I have never done this, but 
it might be worth a shot. Finally, Applied Biosystems does have a free 
application "Peak Scanner", that might do at least part of what you 
wanted to do with Genotyper.

Good Luck,


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