[Automated-sequencing] quality scores using phred from MegaBACE esd files

Alejandro Gonzalez via autoseq%40net.bio.net (by agonzalez from gemabiotech.com)
Tue Nov 16 07:45:00 EST 2010

  Hi good morning.

I'm user of MegaBACE 1000 DNA sequencer,  my sequences using 
MegaBACE1000pack software v 3.1 runing in Windows XP ServicePck3. The 
problem that Ihave an interphace soft (CodonCode corp.) to change score 
quality megabace to score phred doesn't run in this operative windows.

-Any suggest about how I have to do with the analyzed .esd files from 
MegaBACE 1000 to change to score phred?
-there's another program or software to do this and compatible to run in 
Windows XP Srvice pck3?

I can manage and use this .esd files to see sequence and make consensus 
analysis, but we need get really phred score in all fragments sequences.

Thnks a lot for any help

Lic. Alex González
Argentina GemaBiotech

El 22/10/2009 13:09, Sven Klages escribió:
> hat I'm new to these packages and therefore apologize if i'm 
> submitting an obvious question.
> I have received a set off .SFF files that I would like to process/align. 

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