Announcement: Mailing List for Users of Biosym Software

Peter S. Shenkin shenkin at
Thu Nov 15 18:28:48 EST 1990

A mailing list has been started for users of Biosym Technologies, Inc. 
software.  This includes the following products:

	InsightII:  visualization and manipulation of biological macromolecules
	Discover:  molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, E. minimization
	Dmol:  LDF quantum chemistry calculations
	Homology:  protein model-building
	Delphi:  electrostatic-field calculations on biological macromolecules
	Polymer:  calculations on polymer chains

This list is not run by Biosym;;  however, several of their in-house people 
subscribe, and may contribute from time to time.

This announcement appears here because I believe (rightly or wrongly) that
this forum, to which it is being posted, is frequented by users or potential
users of Biosym software.

To subscribe (or, later, to unsubscribe, if you wish!) send electronic mail
containing your full name and affiliation to:
	dibug-request at
If you wish some path other than what appears on the "From:" line to be
your offical dibug address, say so in the body of your epistle.  Once I
get it and add you, I'll send you the Official Introduction, receipt of
which will indicate that I hear you and you hear me.

To post to the list, send mail to:
	dibug at

This list is undigested and unmoderated.  In fact, it is barely coordinated!  
However, I have agreed to take on that onorous task.  If you have reason to 
believe that email isn't getting through, you can write to me personally as 
shenkinb at (first choice), or as
shenkin at (second choice), or as 
shenkin at cunixf.BITNET (way down on the list).

Oh, yes:  DIBUG stands for "Discover Insight Biosym Users' Group."  Any 
resemblance to any other term in use among the computationally literate is 
purely coincidental.   :-)

Peter S. Shenkin, Department of Chemistry, Barnard College, New York, NY  10027
(212)854-1418  shenkin at  shenkin at cunixc(Bitnet)
***"In scenic New York... where the third world is only a subway ride away."***

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