PROFILEgraph V1.2 available on EMBL-server

Thu Apr 18 08:10:28 EST 1991

I am happy to announce the availability of my program PROFILEgraph
on the netserver at EMBL.
PROFILEgraph is a public domain program, running on DOS-computers,
and aimed to be helpful in the analysis of protein sequences.
It works completely in graphics mode (most graphics adapters supported)
uses the mouse and pop-up menus and combines a lot of approaches to
protein sequence analysis.
Some major features are:
sliding window methods for hydrophobicity (several parameters)
                           secondary structure prediction
several methods of averaging (rectangular,triangular windows,
                              data-sieve, FT-smoothing)
hydrophobic (and other) moment calculations
helical-wheel analysis (not very elaborate)
hardcopy output to many printers, graphics output in TPGL-metafile
numerical output to several spreadsheet formats
and some more utilities.
The program can be easily extended by the user, it is possible to
save and execute "macro"-type analysis procedures.

The program is available as a DOS-executable and as complete
Turbo Pascal >5.0 source code.
Hardware requirements:
DOS-computer, AT recommended
hercules,EGA,VGA or higher graphics adapter
Mouse strongly recommended (only reduced features without mouse)

PROFILEgraph is available from NETSERV at
                            or NETSERV at EMBL.bitnet
it is located in the directory DOS_SOFTWARE

I hope you enjoy it.
                     Kay Hofmann
                     Institut fuer Biochemie (med.Fak.)
                     Universitaet Koeln
                     Joseph Stelzmann Str. 52
                     D-5000 Koeln 41

I can be reached on INTERNET by writing to BUDI at gen1.genetik.uni-koeln.DE

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