Joe Felsenstein's "Phylip" programs

harper at harper at
Tue Apr 9 08:34:58 EST 1991

In article <1991Apr8.175032.3180 at>, j_dall at writes:
Jd> I am looking for an ftp site, or at least information on getting hold of
Jd> Joe Felsenstein's "Phylip" programs.  Or better still, can anyone supply me 
Jd> with Joe Felsenstein's e-mail address, so I can correspond with him 
Jd> directly.
Jd> Thanks in advance,
Jd> Joe Dall
Jd> Dept Clinical Immunology
Jd> Royal Perth Hospital

Running ARCHIE I come up with the following hits for Phylip.
You should be able to get the package from either of these ftp sites.

 archie> prog phylip
# matches / % database searched:   17 / 96%

 Host   (
Last updated 22:00 29 Mar 1991
    Location: /pub
      FILE      rw-r--r--    877490  Dec  4 18:39   phylip.arc

Host   (
Last updated 21:34 29 Mar 1991
    Location: /pub
      FILE      rw-r--r--    877490  Dec  6 22:40   phylip.arc


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